Wedding in the woods.

Wedding by M. Swabb

When my brother asked me seven months ago to help him and my now sister in law plan their wedding I was thrilled. Then he told me he wanted to host the wedding at a 8+ acre YMCA campsite for three days all the while accommodating 170+ people. I was wondering what I signed myself up for. Did I mention we had a beer budget? I have to admit, nerves weren't the only thing keeping me up a night. I had some serious doubts about pulling this one off. 

With a ton of planning and lots of help from friends and family members the wedding turned out better than any of us imagined.

The very long pathway to the wedding was filled with handmade origami and white paper lanterns to add texture and color, pink kissed ivory roses hanging from trees with rustic rope. 

The Reception was full of organic colors and the smell of fresh mint and rosemary as they lined the tables. 

All and all I must say it was well worth the risk - I would do it all over again. 

Images by :
Dream Castle Photography
+ Chris Swabb 


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