Recap on the Laguna Spring Market!

The Laguna Spring Market was quite eventful this year. It did seem as though the group that attended was smaller than last, but the day was pleasant and the showrooms were easier to maneuver.

I would say that the highlight of the day for me was watching Nancy Corzine speak. Her life story was inspiring and she had a "realness" to her that was embracing.

She talked about the economy and how it has effected her, she was strong to say that in front of so many and her message of not giving up and riding through these tough times was heard by many.

 The place to be was Blake House, Nancy was there signing books and they set up delightful, decadent deserts for all that attended. I had the brief opportunity to ask Nancy something I have wondered for a while. I asked her how she as a San Diego designer was able to achieve international visibility . Her answer was that she used New York, a hub of the world as her platform. Nancy served many charities and reaped many benefits from the networking opportunities.

"You get what you give."  - Nancy Corzine.

The girls from SDDS and I sitting to hear Nancy Speak


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