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Picture of Emily Alexander at her home in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 
Holding a creation in the works - An early 17th Century Flemish Tapestry.

The concepts and inspiration behind E Alexander Designs began long ago. Emily Alexander received her degree in Textiles and Communications, she was following a long line of family members who appreciated and were involved in the artistry of textile design…a great-grandmother in north Louisiana who was a milliner after the Civil War and a mother whose beautiful and intricate quilts were bought and appreciated by many, including the First Lady of Louisiana, who displayed them in the Governor’s Mansion.

Emily grew up learning needlepoint, petit point and crewel. Later in life, her love of fine textiles and antiquities led her on a search of valuables for her own enjoyment. Trips to Europe ignited her interest in antique fabrics, and the idea was born that she would create her own pillow collection in the United States.

From her home base in Rancho Santa Fe, California, Emily now travels to France, England and Italy, scouring auctions, flea markets and antique shows in search of beautiful old (16th, 17th and 18th century) textile pieces … Aubussons, tapestries, needlepoint and toile. With each piece, she personally creates a one-of-a-kind pillow, filled with the highest quality down, backed with premium silks, velvets and linens, detailed with antique trims.

E Alexander Designs can be found at the following locations. Online @ www.EAlexanderDesigns.com , Cest La Vie Antiques in Encinitas, California, Tod Carson in Hollywood, California.

Pillows under construction.

Vintage Fortuny!


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