JF Chen - A designers dream come true!

I was in Los Angeles last week  just finishing up with a client at BLACKMAN CRUZ on Highland, when I noticed for what must have been the 5th time JF CHEN. I have heard so many wonderful things about this ... not even sure what to call it- "Designers Paradise", "Disneyland for Interior Design", Warehouse of treasures".... I had a couple hours to spare in hopes of beating the traffic back to San Diego, so I popped in. 

I am so glad I did! What a wonderful place full of inspiration and grab and go goodies! Joel Chen owner of  JF CHEN  started his collection about 30 years ago. His warehouse that has to be at least 20,000 SQFT + is full of unbelievable findings! Top Designers from all over the world come to this location to shop for projects of all styles and budgets. I took what pictures I could, the wall to wall decor was difficult to capture in one visit.
Keep this one in your library!

Love these skulls. 

Vintage looking chairs - Great distressed leather!

 So random but beautiful!

Nautical Chandelier!

These were one of my favorites!

They even have vintage jewelry!

How cool is this Bike? 

I mean - Seriously! These chairs are HOT!


  1. This place looks awesome. You have to take me next time we are in LA

  2. I want to go next time. What an eclectic collection he has! What a place to go if you don't want mainstream decor! This is certainly a place to go with an open mind and courage to spend on usable art.


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